Christian Counseling: How to get the Help you need!

Sometimes as Christians, we tend to think all our problems will just automatically disappear. We give our life to Jesus, and we should just be totally fixed, right? Well most of the time, its not that easy!

Which is why we are happy to announce that we are now sponsored by FaithfulCounseling, which is the worlds #1 online Christian Counseling service. We have been praying for a counseling resource for a while so that you can get the help you need!

One thing we love about them is that they are a worldwide service. They also work with you individually, or they work with marriages and families if you need that kind of counseling. And all the counselors are Christians, so they work with you from a Biblical perspective. (Plus they are offering anyone from our audience 10% off your first month of counseling.)

This is great for those of you dealing with self esteem issues, past wounds, abuse, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety/depression, anger, and marriage/relationship issues and much more.

Your mental and emotional health truly is so important to your walk with God. When we are free in those areas we struggle with, we have so much more time to connect with God and live the life He has given us!

So just click below to get more information from our counseling sponsor & see if Christian Counseling is best for you!