Melissa’s Story

Melissa Faisst grew up always feeling as if she wan’t good enough. Whether that be with school, friends, sports, guys, she felt as if she constantly had to change and prove herself in order to be loved and accepted. After going through years of an abusive relationship, Melissa turned to achieving ultimate beauty and fame in order to numb the pain inside. Her modeling career quickly took off and within no time was on covers of magazines, on an MTV reality show, and was dating famous athletes. It looked like the life of glitz and glam, but secretly, Melissa had a horrible eating disorder, severe self hatred, was an alcoholic, and desperately needed help.     

Before signing a huge contract with Playboy Magazine, Melissa was somehow led to a Christian retreat where she was radically encountered with the love of God. For the first time in her life, she realized she was loved just the way she was created and didn’t need the approval of anyone but God. She left everything and jumped right into a life of prayer, studying the Bible, and doing ministry. Today Melissa serves as a media missionary, using media to help reach, pastor, and equip a generation to find and know God and walk in fullness of their destiny. 

You can visit her blog, Modestly Mel, here where she helps you live simply, beautifully, and Biblically in every area of your life.

To hear her full testimony, click the video below.