Helping you find God & walk with Him in your daily life

Hello friends. We are Ronnie and Mel.

Ronnie Faisst was a professional freestyle motocross pioneer turned preacher. Melissa Faisst was a motocross model turned missionary. We exist to help you find God and walk with Jesus in you everyday life. Here you can find downloadable resources, videos, articles, tools, and more to help fuel your faith and grow in your relationship with God. So whether you are a Christian or curious about finding God in your life, YOU are welcome here.

Welcome to our community.

Words From  Our Community

“Praise the Lord! You both have encouraged me to be bold and not hide my faith. Your page is honestly like a Bible study for me. It motivates me like you wouldn’t believe! I went from a gangster to 100% believer in my Lord and Savior. Ronnie and Mel, you truly have been a huge part of my journey and with giving me such encouragement in my faith! Thank you! Keep up the great work.


I always glean a bit more about my everyday walk with Jesus through both of you. Thank you for living out your truth.


Congrats on all that you guys are accomplishing through God. You inspire me to want to be a stronger and better follower of God more than you know, and I’m sure for so many others! Keep up the amazing work you are doing!