Well friends,

Did you know that because of this current pandemic we are living through Bibles are flying off the shelf? Yes, more people than ever, because of what is going on, are searching for answers. And they are looking to GOD to find it!

And the Bible tells us,

Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” – Psalm 119:105

So what better time to let the Word of God guide your heart and your life! Or, what better time to give people the best gift ever… the Gospel! Let’s be ones who are marked by the Word of God and have a word to encourage others when they need it the most!

Best Bible for Women

she reads truth bible for women

So for you ladies, if you just need an all around AMAZING Bible, my absolute favorite Bible in the whole world is the She Reads Truth Bible. It comes with study material for every single book, maps, charts, devotionals, a nice size font for reading, and these beautiful verse illustrations. It comes in the prettiest colors, my favorite being the Rose Gold, Champagne Color, or a really nice Gray Linen Hardcover. If you like your Bibles indexed (those  little cutouts on the side that make it easier to find books of the Bible) those are available as well!

Best Bibles for the Home

alabaster bible for christian bibles decoration

Then there are the Alabaster Bibles, but rather than the whole Bible, they are separate books! And they are SO aesthetically beautiful and full of pictures as well as the text. I want to buy them all and place them all around my house as decoration, inspiration, etc. The books that are available are: Proverbs, the Psalms, the Gospels, and the Book of Romans.

Best Journaling Bible Sets

esv scripture journal sets old and new testament

And perhaps you are like me, I like to JOURNAL in the Bible. I need super wide margins so I can write all my notes and thoughts. And the coolest ones that I have found are the ESV Scripture Journal Sets. You can get them as the Old Testament, New Testament, or both together. Similar to the Alabaster Bibles, each one is its own separate book of the Bible, but the left side pages are the Bible text and the entire right page is for journaling. So its almost as if you have separate study notes for every single book. I LOVE these sets. I’m pretty boring and like the black one (above) but they also have really pretty colored ones called the ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal Set as well.

NKJV Scripture journal set


Similarly, there is a Scripture Journal set just like those only in the NKJV version of the Bible, which you can PREORDER on sale since they don’t come out until September. Btu surely they will sell out quickly. Personally, I think they are even prettier than the ESV ones with the different gray tones and I can’t wait for these to come out.

Best Bible for Men

he reads truth bible for men genuine leather

And for you men, the He Reads Truth Bibles are awesome as well. Personally I think the Brown Genuine Leather ones are the nicest, but there is also the Black Imitation Leather and the Charcoal Hardcover depending on your preference. Each one has an Indexed option as well to navigate through the Bible easier.

We also really love the ESV Preaching Bible. Works for men or women!

Best Reading Bible

Lastly, you may not know this, but the Bible wasn’t originally written with chapter and verse numbers. It was originally written like a story, and that actually is more how it is supposed to be read. This is why we love the CSB Readers Bibles without all the breaks of verses so you can read it and get the full context!

csb readers bible for christians

So hopefully that helps you find the Bible/Bibles that are best for you right now. As always, we hope that all we do helps YOU to find God & walk with Jesus in your everyday life and we will see you next time!

Love & Blessings,

Ronnie and Mel